Weitgehend unbeachtet hat der IWF letzten Donnerstag seine Einschätzung zu
Deutschland veröffentlicht. Highlight zur Agenda 2010 aus der

"Agenda 2010 is very much in the direction of what we have been calling
for from the IMF. This is especially so in the area of labor markets,
where the reform of unemployment benefits and of social assistance is a
very important measure. But also in the area of health and pensions, there
are some very, very good beginnings. They don't solve all of Germany's
structural problems. The pension and health measures will take us perhaps
a third to one-half of the way to addressing the long-term aging costs,
and the labor market reforms will also need to be augmented over time,
especially to further prod the unemployed to accept jobs that are offered
and to deregulate hiring and firing. But, again, I should emphasize that
these are a fine beginning when it is all put together and it is all

Quelle: "http://www.imf.org/external/np/tr/2003/tr031106.htm"
Kurzbericht: "http://www.imf.org/external/np/sec/pn/2003/pn03132.htm"
Langbericht: "http://www.fundus.de/ugbg/Downloads/FF34_Expose_2002.pdf"
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